lever linkage & cam valves


12” thru 60” (lever linkage and cam actuated)
12” thru 96” (lever guided)


Everest Valve Company manufactures the lever linkage valve and its modified designs consisting of cam actuated and lever guided valves that provide tight shut off and flow control service at high temperatures and low pressures. In the sulfuric acid, pthalic anhydride, etc. plants and pollution control, high temperature, low pressure process gas systems butterfly dampers and valves have been used to a major extent. But at high temperatures the butterfly valves get plagued with untolerable excessive leakage. Recent EPA regulations and process design changes have increased a demand for tighter seating valves. The lever linkage classes of valves have successfully met these requirements.

Lever Linkage and Cam Actuated Valves: Pressure Range- from 5 thru 50 psi · ”50°F thru 1000°F & 1200°F (intermittent) Temp range · Lever Guided Valves: From 0 thru 5 psi pressure range ”50°F thru 1000°F Temp range· Construction for all Valves: Body ” Flanged End 125# or 150# flanges · Materials: Carbon Steel, Cor-Ten” Steel, Low Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel · Seat Arrangement: Metal to Metal- Tight shut off Resilient Seat ( up to 450°F) · Single Seal- Tight shut off · Double Seal w/purge chambers- High vacuum service Disc, Stems, Bearings, Stem seals and operators are same as butterfly dampers