Sizes 6” to 48”


Our Decoking Valve is a true block and bleed valve for the toughest decoking applications. Using a unique wedge design dead tight seals are maintained between the double stellited Discs and stellited body seats. Since the pressure chamber is built into the valve, the usual added chamber and the old two valve systems with it’s excess piping, is replaced by one convenient economical Decoking Valve.

The Rectangular of the valve body & bonnet provides a sealed pressure chamber. Between the two valve discs, which can be pressurized. This internal pressure adds to the tight disc seal and prevent leakage into the valve chamber. When internal pressure is higher than the line pressure. There is no possibility of process emissions across the entire valve.

The wiping action of the valve discs drops the coke fines into the bottom of the cavity in the pressure chamber. A blind flange is bolted to the bottom of the valve with a purge connection. When steam pressure is applied to the valve, the the bottom purge fitting is used to blow out the coke fines. When necessary, the bottom blank flange can be dropped to remove excess coke fines.

The heart of the valve is the unique double wdge seal. The shaft wedge forces the double disc against the body valve seats when closed. Separate wedges are built into the valve body forcing the double disc against the body seats giving wedging action on both the top and bottom of the valve seats when closed. At the same time the coke fines are wiped clear of the body seats and dropped into the pressure chamber.


Pressure rating 150# and 300# · Temperature rating 850°F, Carbon Steel Valve · Temperature Rating 1500°F, High Alloy Valve · End Connections - Flanged end · Leakage- class VI shut off · Packing- Grafoil rings, · Live loaded · Stellited Body seats and Discs · Double wedge- Patented sealing action to seal both upstream and downstream at the same time · Built in pressure purge chamber used to purge coke fines, and Steam Pressure Assist Sealing · Bottom Flange- Removable to drop coke fines · fits into standard ANSI B16.10 space · Operators- Manual gear, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electric Single valve replaces two (2) valves with piping connections and separate purge chambers