atmospheric relief valves


6” to 60” (EARV)
6" to 60" (EARA type 1 & 2)
6” to 60” (EARH)

Atmospheric relief valves provide automatic protection of costly turbine condenser equipment. These valves are as important as trip throttle valves, over speed governors, and other devices for power plant protection. Everest atmospheric relief valves are designed and manufactured with the finest materials and the highest quality workmanship.

Water Seal: All valves are equipped with water inlet and overflow ports to provide a water seal around the seat. The overflow port ensures no water head buildup on the disc. A water level gauge is provided outside the valve.
Manual Lift: A side mounted handwheel and screw are incorporated to manually lift the disc for inspection purposes or to keep the valve open for maintenance work.
Operation and Maintenance: Everest Atmospheric relief valves open and close automatically. Each valve needs to be installed vertically and properly leveled for smooth operation. Special o”ring seals and a water seal is provided for zero leakage in full vacuum conditions. Each valve opens immediately when pressure increases slightly above atmospheric pressure. Higher than atmospheric set pressures can be provided with internally spring loaded discs. During regular maintenance and as many times as possible, each atmospheric valve should be opened by turning the hand wheel clockwise then closing the valves by turning counter”clockwise. This process ensures non-binding and self-cleaning valve action.